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Selling Education And Local Public Agency Surplus on eBay

InterSchola™ creates a secondary market for assets otherwise sitting idle in school & public agency warehouses.

We help institutions sell surplus assets and generate cash from these goods. By bringing together buyers and sellers of education and public agency surplus, InterSchola is proud to partner with schools to return money to education and public communities.

Learn more about our client services & eBay marketplace for education and public agency surplus.

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Please note that InterSchola is no longer operating as a going concern. If you need assistance, please contact or 1-888-653-7360. Our limited staff will be checking email and phone messages and will make every effort to provide a timely response as further efforts to reorganize continue.

We are sorry that our site currently features no new InterSchola auctions. Please check back.

Interschola is proud of the work we have done Over the past 10 years To HELP school districts and public agencies repurpose their surplus Assets and idle or no longer needed equipment into the community. We know we were providing a valuable service for our clients and buyers alike. Regrettably, we are no longer able to continue operations under our current model.

Please contact Interschola at with questions or suggestions as we explore alternatives. In the meantime, we sincerely thank you for your support and understanding.



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