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An empty warehouse is a beautiful thing.

We know that education officials are busy. We save you time by clearing idle assets from your warehouse and converting them into cash for your schools.
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"Wow! Nice job gents; very pleased with those results on the lift!"

- Central Valley, CA City Purchasing Official

"Thank you, InterSchola. This has been fun, and very profitable for us, too. I've enjoyed working with your team."

- Madera Unified School District

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Our Services

Utilizing the eBay auction environment as our primary online auction platform, InterSchola sells surplus goods to a global audience of 95 million registered users.


InterSchola’s team of local Field Auction Specialists knows how to maximize the value of the surplus items that education institutions and local public agencies have sitting in their warehouses or at school sites. Working in accordance with the Education Code and Public Agency Regulations (re: sale of surplus items), InterSchola manages the auction process from start to finish.


InterSchola is partnered with a California certified eWaste recycler. This has allowed us to extend our service offerings to include the statewide pickup and disposal of eWaste, in the proper manner as prescribed by law, while also providing a generous financial return to our clients for these old computers and electronics.


InterSchola is partnered with scrap dealers to provide an outlet for disposal of items which have a limited market on eBay. This program is designed to have our clients’ yards and warehouse spaces emptied and cleaned, and also to provide a financial return on items that might otherwise have incurred a haul away fee! A client recently expected to pay a fee for having their merchandise hauled away, but under our program, a check for over $3800 was written to the client.

No Risk Agreement

InterSchola requires zero upfront financial commitment from our education and local public agency clients. After finding buyers for their surplus property, InterSchola shares the proceeds with these institutions.

View a Reference Letter from Orange USD

View a Reference Letter from Collier County

View an RFP Award from Compton USD

View an RFP Award from Monmouth-Ocean

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A Scene from an InterSchola Onsite Pickup

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